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What skills do business sustainability leaders need?
MSHA warns coal mine operators about winter hazards
Real life survival stories using AEDs
5 gas detection misconceptions
The footwear you choose has health benefits
Too much emphasis on behavior-based safety?
5 steps to building a safety culture
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3E-logo23E Online-SDS now offers a module enabling the creation of workplace safety cards. Workplace safety cards are quick reference guides to inform employees of:

• The risks involved with the products they use
• The level of protection they are required to meet
• Procedures to follow in the event of an emergency

Their visual, simple design helps employee understanding and training, part of any HazCom or WHMIS compliance program. These cards are also used heavily in Europe due to regulatory requirements (UK COSHH, Denmark APB, etc.). Learn more about these valuable cards! Click here, call 800-346-6737 or email us at

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What skills do business sustainability leaders need?
Identifying, developing, and retaining quality resources has always been critical to long-term business sustainability. However, some experts now believe traditional subject matter expertise will not be the limiting factor in the future…Read more>>

MSHA warns coal mine operators about winter hazards
The Mine Safety and Health Administration (MSHA) has launched its annual "Winter Alert" campaign to call attention to the numerous hazards colder weather typically brings to... Read more>>


Customize your safety signs!
DYO Custom Safety Signs2
Need a custom safety sign for your facility? Brady offers custom safety signs for the same-as-stock pricing. You can order a customized OSHA or ANSI sign with the text, graphics and colors of your choosing, in addition to selecting the material and size. With Brady’s online design tool, you simply select your sign category, customize the look of the sign and submit your design to Brady. It’s as easy as 1-2-3!
• Same or next-day shipping
• No minimum order surcharge on any order!
• Available in fiberglass, plastic, aluminum and self-sticking

Customize your sign today!

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Real-life stories of survival using AEDs
If you are in the safety business, most likely you are well aware of the function of an automated external defibrillator (AED) and its value in saving lives...Read more>>

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The new OLFA SK-10 concealed blade safety knife with tape slitter is designed to reduce workplace bodily & product injuries. Smartly engineered, the cutter features a unique blade adjustment design that allows for 4x’s more cuts per blade, vs. a fixed single-edge blade for higher blade productivity.

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5 gas detection misconceptions
In recent years, portable gas detectors have shrunk in size and cost while many new features have been added: automatic time-weighted average (TWA) and short-term exposure limit (STEL) calculations, data logging…Read more>>

Sponsor: Honeywell
Lead them to Safety.
Honeywell can help.

Honeywelladimage1Honeywell Safety Products has the broadest portfolio of leading safety solutions in the marketplace today. Our core mission is to help safety managers build an enduring culture of safety that minimizes injuries and maintains a more protective and productive workplace. Partner with Honeywell to discover new ways to lead them to safety. Go here to learn more.

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The footwear you choose has health benefits
...A well-made pair of boots is a tool to hold up to the rigors of the construction site, provide protection, and reduce foot and back pain. Features such as a supportive insole are crucial to...Read more>> 

Sponsor: Bullard

Bullard introduces the EVAHL PAPR for Hazardous Locations

Bullard-EVAHL The Bullard EVAHL is the latest in PAPR technology for Hazardous Locations. EVAHL is a NIOSH approved PAPR certified by CSA International for Hazardous Locations Class I, Division 2, Groups A, B, C, D, T6; Class II, Division 2, Groups F, G; and Class III. EVAHL can be used in multiple hazardous locations which may exist due to flammable gases or vapors, flammable liquids, combustible dust, or ignitable fibers or flyings. Learn more at or 877-BULLARD.

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An ISHN Random Sampling Blog post:
Too much emphasis on behavior-based safety?
Much (perhaps too much) of the safety literature of the last few years has focused on employee driven "behavior-based safety" peer observation programs. The fact remains, however, that safety is a line management responsibility. Implied in that responsibility is the need (obligation?) to…Read more>>

Morse: New Drum Handling Videos Now Online!

morse_1_20A new Can Tumbler video and a Pail Handler video are the latest product demonstration videos - now just a click away!

Videos demonstrate cutting edge drum handling products in concise, informative videos. Forklift attachments, drum rackers, rotators, palletizers, vertical lift pourers and below-hook drum carriers. Also at the website are over 100 products. Handle steel, fiber, plastic drums, and cans - move, lift, pour, agitate, mix, roll/rotate, tumble, palletize, rack and more.

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An ISHN Web Exclusive:
5 steps to building a safety culture
Organizational culture has a much stronger power on employees’ motivation than strategy does. Culture fuels growth. It’s the secret sauce of strategy. Without the sauce, the strategy isn’t… Read more>>


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BlueWater Mfg., Inc. specializes in the manufacturing and distribution of innovative passive fall protection products.

Our extensive line of OSHA compliant products range from self-closing safety gates and warning line systems to a variety of free standing, non-penetrating guardrail systems designed for flat and standing seam roof applications. We pride ourselves on building high quality products with an emphasis on creating unique and innovative safety solutions.

If you’re looking for high quality products and a seamless process from start to finish, consider BlueWater Mfg. Inc. for all your fall protection needs.

For more information, visit our website at 

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Free 12-page Safety Engineer’s Guide to Tool and Instrument Tethers


From Hammerhead Industries, manufacturer of over 3,000 Gear Keeper® tethering solutions. Solve tool attachment problems and select effective tethering solutions to significantly improve productivity and safety. Guide includes a four-step tutorial for selecting the correct tether for every application. Descriptions of dozens of popular lanyards and tethersare also included.

Hammerhead Industries

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New! Hoist Jugs Safely!


Carrying water or electrolyte replacement drinks? The Jugger-Naut from Ultra-Safe allows you to lift full or empty jugs safely to elevated work areas with a crane. The design facilitates linking three together for convenience. Once unlinked, the jugs may be secured to prevent falling. Simply attach the hook to a perimeter cable.
For more information, e-mail:

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